Know Why Can’t Pigs Look Up At The Sky?

The other day I ran across an interesting statement. It said that pigs can’t look up into the sky and that as a result, pigs have no appreciation of the sky. That seemed a little odd to me so I decided to research it and find the truth.Why don't pigs look upCan pigs look up? Pigs can look up, but their mobility is limited to about a 45% angle and it depends on the fatness of the pig. Wild boars and pigs are able to look up enough to see the sky because they don’t have as much neck fat as farm pigs. The reason that many people believe that pigs can’t look up is because they don’t have the ability to look straight up. Pigs can tilt their head up and they can look at the sky sideways. They can also see the sky while rolling in the mud. So it’s a complete myth that pigs can’t see the sky.

The myth that pigs can’t look up is so prevalent that it’s published in dozens of resources. Some books even list it as a unique fact that pigs are the only animal that can’t lift its head to the sky. But even if it was true, it would still be inaccurate. That’s because fish don’t lift their necks either (fish having no necks).

Additionally, there are many types of deep-water fish that never swim high enough to view the sky. Lastly, even humans rarely look straight up at the sky above them. “Up” involves more than simply a straight angle, it also involves a general direction.

It is true that pigs have evolved so that their eyes and heads are primarily positioned downward. This is because a pig’s entire diet is found on the ground. Pigs forage for food, they eat the roots of plants and insects.

Plus, they have also been bred to maximize weight gain for meat production. The additional fat that the domestic pig has around their neck restricts the movement of a pig’s head. But, it doesn’t restrict it completely.

As any farmer can attest, pigs have the ability to look upwards. They cannot look directly above them and they have to “sit” to be able to look at a higher angle than normal. This is because domesticated pigs have necks that naturally slope downward.

Wild boars and wild pigs have a higher neck reach than domesticated pigs. This is because farm pigs have been bred to be fat (and good for the skillet). Wild boars and pigs don’t have the same amount of fat around their necks and so they have greater mobility in their necks.

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